Blocking Specific MAC Addresses by Device

There may be instances where a device needs to be blocked from utilizing your Wi-Fi. Maybe there is an abuse of data use or something else.  In those cases, you can block the device from connecting by blacklisting the MAC address.

 You may follow the instruction below when:

  • You have only one router that you want to blockspecific devices from accessing   


  • Log in to InControl2.
  • Open router Dashboard and click the AP tab. Click on the SSID you are blocking a device from accessing.  


  • Navigate to Access Control Settings and select Accept all except listed. Enter all the MAC addresses in the box that you need to block. This will block each of the MAC addresses entered from accessing the specific SSID. Click on Save then on Apply Changes.  



Note: Blocked device will not receive any notification as to why they are unable to connect. Beware of possible complaints by end user.