RedFreedom Configuration and set up


1. Open the bottom compartment. Make sure that the router is off before you insert the SIM card. Slide the metal clip over the SIM card slot to the right to unlock it. Tilt it up to the right and remove the existing SIM card. Lay in your Verizon MicroSIM card (be careful not to pop out the NanoSIM).  The orientation of the notch should be on the lower left. 


2. Close the bracket and slide it gently to the left to lock it in place. 


3. Screw in the antennas. Plug the power cable into the power port of the router. 



4. Connect via Ethernet cable thru the LAN port or WiFI. Search the 2GHz WiFi called WIM-GO4-V6 and input the default password adventure, which is also printed on the bottom of the router. 


5. Access the Web Admin Panel of your router. Open the web browser and visit Note: If your browser always redirects to LuCI (, you can visit: instead of

You will be directed to the initial set up of the web admin. Select Language and click on Next. 


6. Set up your admin password which must be at least 5 characters (username is set to root). Confirm password and click Submit to proceed. This password is for the Web admin Panel and will not change your WiFi password. 


7. Login to the Web Admin Panel ( Click Auto Setup. Auto Setup will try to build a cellular connection. It will show the Disconnect button if it is successful. In case Auto Setup fails or may show as "SIM Card not registered" please proceed with the next steps for the Manual set up. 


8. Click on Manual Setup


9. Fill in with the following information and click on Apply.

Device: /dev/cdc-wdm0

APN: vzwinternet

Auth: None

Proto: qcm

TTL: 65




10. Wait until you see the Disconnect button and a green dot beside Verizon. 



11.  Click on Applications on the left hand side and select Remote access. Disable and re-enable the GoodCloud on router's Admin Panel. Select America for the Data server. Don't forget to click "Apply" button.



Reach out to one of our representatives if you need further assistance:

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