How to Factory Reset

You may need to perform a factory reset as a troubleshooting step or you may simply want to remove all current settings and start over. Beware, performing a factory reset will remove ALL previous settings. 


  • Devices come with a manual factory reset button. You will need to look for the small pinhole near a circular arrow symbol ↺.   


  • To perform a factory reset, power the device on and let it boot, allowing the Status LED to turn from red to green.  
  • Once the Status LED is green, insert a paperclip into the pinhole, then lightly push and hold down the reset button for 10 seconds. This should turn the status LED red again.  
  •  The unit will reboot and you can release the factory reset button. Reconfigure your device by accessing the web admin feature through InControl2, the local Wi-Fi access, or via Ethernet cable to the LAN.  

Factory Reset using InControl2

  • Log in to InControl2.
  • Go to Settings Tab and choose "Device Tools"
  • In the Command drop-down, select "Reset to Factory Defaults"