Red Freedom SIM Swap Instructions

1. Find SIM access door. 
  • On the back side of the GO4, find the door shown here in red.

  • Use your fingernail or a coin to open the door.

2. Unlock SIM lock

  • Slide metal SIM lock to the right to unlock the SIM.

3. Flip open SIM lock.

  • Flip SIM lock open and to the right to expose existing TruFreedom SIM.
  • Remove the TruFreedom SIM (you may want to store it somewhere handy for possible future use).

4. Installation of RedFreedom SIM.

  • Grab your RedFreedom SIM and remove it from the bag. 

5. Remove Micro SIM 

  • Please note that this is a “tri-cut SIM” that includes three different size SIM cards; all in one card. Be sure to remove the combined portion of the card that includes the Micro and Nano SIM together as one piece.


6. Install RedFreedom SIM in GO4 unit.

  • Lay the micro-SIM card so the metal portion of the SIM makes contact with the metal contacts in the GO4.
  • Please note that the micro-SIM will have one corner that is notched and not square. The tray where you will lay the Sim card is also notched. Please match that corner to the SIM tray so it fits and lies flat.


7.  Lock SIM door.

  • To lock the SIM in place, slide the metal lock to the left (as shown in the image).

8.  Replace SIM Access Door. 

  • Snap the door back in place as shown in the image.