Viewing Cellular Reports

Your device has the ability to provide a visual of what the cellular coverage is for the areas in which you are operating your unit.  This can be a helpful tool when identifying gaps in coverage.

Note: Various factors go into a device delivering good connectivity. Use this report as one of the tools to help determine if connectivity issues are device or carrier side. 


  • Power on your WiFi In Motion device and give the unit 3-5 minutes to fully boot.  
  • Log in to InControl2.
  •  Navigate to Reports and then click on Cellular Reports.  


  • The next screen shows your Signal Strength & Quality in the upper box. The default settings are the current date and past 30 minutes of connection status. At the top of the page is a calendar to change the date viewed. Next is the time frame. Select an appropriate time frame for your needs.  


  • The bottom box will display a map of the route traveled. The default setting is ‘Good or Below’. It is recommended to change the selection to ‘All’ in the drop-down menu at the top of the map. It may be necessary to move the map or zoom in to the current location for a better view.  


  • Clicking on the individual data points will display the information at that time and place.  

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  • There will be gaps on the coverage map depending on cellular signal in the current area. This coverage is entirely dependent on the cellular provider.